Skin Cancer. The sun: friend or foe?

Interview with Dr Thomas Maselis on (Prevention of) Skin Cancer The number of people with skin cancer is increasing substantially worldwide. In the past 20 years the annual number of new cases in Belgium has risen by nearly 400%. The increased number of holidays in the sun, the use of sunbeds and inadequate protection during […]

Living from your gut feeling

an interview with Prof. Dr Séverine Vermeire, a gastroenterologist at University Hospital Leuven (UZ Leuven), about the impact of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) on people’s lives and the search for an effective treatment In recent decades, the number of patients with IBD has risen sharply. Inflammatory bowel diseases are also affecting more and more young […]

EFCCA – World IBD day 2021

Breaking the Silence on IBD and Intimacy Discussing how IBD affects your personal life can be difficult, and as a result issues surrounding intimacy and relationships tend to be an overlooked and ignored area. This leaflet provides some tips that you might find useful as you navigate your way around coping with IBD. Riviere P, […]

The lowdown on colon cancer

an interview with Dr Luc Colemont, co-founder of vzw Stop Darmkanker Colon cancer is a serial killer. On average, 23 Belgians are diagnosed with colon cancer and five people in Flanders die from the disease every day. The goal of Dr Luc Colemont’s non-profit, Stop Darmkanker (Stop Colon Cancer), is to raise awareness, inform, and convince people […]